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Production company

Camera lucida productions

Executive producer: François Bertrand

Since Camera lucida was founded in 1995, it has produced innovative programs with an editorial line that focuses on cultural topics but also historical and scientific issues. These programmes are intended for all types of supports, from very large format Imax 3D with Van Gogh: A Brush with Genius, to musical applications for Ipad and Smartphone, as well as television, the Internet and, more recently, virtual reality with the project The Enemy.

Camera lucida produces around fifty programs a year, making it a well-known documentary and live performance producer. With its expertise and its renown, the company continues to increase its presence in all spheres of audiovisual production with works developed by talented partners. The production of live performance films is part of the company’s DNA. These productions allow us to reach out to a wide audience through broadcasts on all types of supports and via historical partnerships (Comédie Française, Radio France, Paris Opera, Philharmonie de Paris…). But they also become objects of creation, drawing on new technologies to better address younger audiences. It is for this reason that one of the performances filmed by Camera lucida in Saint Omer Cathedral was shot in 360°, available on the ARTE 360 application.

Musical documentaries have always held a recognized and important place in Camera lucida’s catalogue. Camera lucida has also developed a veritable catalogue of portraits of leading figures in arts and culture.

In 2015 for the event of a full eclipse visible from Europe, with the same director of Magellan’s project, the film Moon the other side of earth, coproduced with Canal +, Camera Lucida completed the film with a book, a IOs app, and an exhibition . Documentary collections are also within the scope of Camera lucida’s expertise. Proposed by Stan Neumann, the Photo collection has become a reference and is sold around the world. The discovery series Tree Stories (10×52’) broadcast by ARTE and made by Christophe d’Yvoire, Yannick Cherel, and Henri de Gerlache has reached a wide audience in France but also abroad thanks to the large number of international distributors who have acquired its rights.

Alongside its traditional formats and in order to respond to growing demand from channels to offer programs on line, Camera lucida has launched and is working on a program which has become a reference for all cinema lovers: Blow up. This magazine, which offers a new edition every week on the Arte Cinema website, celebrated its 300th anniversary at the end of 2017 with its director and developer, Luc Lagier.

A CLPB Media‘s company

François Bertrand

Executive producer

François Bertrand is the founder of Camera lucida productions.
In 2017, he created along with Jean Labib and Irad Sachs, the CLPB media group, joining Camera lucida and CPB Films. In 2017, he also created, along with Chloé Jarry, Lucid realities, a studio dedicated to immersive programs. This catalogue is mainly distributed by CLPB Rights, run by Julie Tolza.
Today this gathering includes the whole audiovisual categories, in all genres, on all formats: from web to cinema, along with television, VR, AR, Imax and apps.

The main works critically acclaimed recently are: Savages by Rebecca Zlotowski (Canal +), Blow up by Luc Lagier (Arte), Persona, the film that saved Ingmar Bergman by Manuelle Blanc (Arte), Cosmic Flows – the cartographers of the universe by François-Xavier Vives (FTV), Claude Monet – The water lily obsession by Nicolas Thépot (VR for Arte/Musée d’Orsay).